Down to Earth Therapeutic Massage, LLC
Relax your mind. Rejuvenate your body. Renew your spirit.


Hi, my name is Katharina Cahen.  I am a graduate of the Oregon School of Massage.  I was born and raised in Switzerland with mostly homeopathic remedies; healing with what nature presents is part of my lifestyle. After living in various countries, including Japan, South Africa, France and England, I added indigenous teachings of Belize, Hawaii, Egypt and the Americas to my European lineage of intuitive healing.

I feature a holistic approach to therapeutic massage:

  • The Abdominal Therapy as taught by Dr. Arvigo
  • Bodywork and Intuitive Energy Healing
  • Bio-dynamic massage and Cranial work
  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Spa treatments
  • Shamanic guidance and Chakra Clearing
  • Reiki Master

Many years ago when working at Kiva Spa in Portland, one of my clients asked if I had a website. I did not. She insisted on making a page for me to get me started, and I still am honored about what she had to say about me: “You are a healer. You care for others. Your skill is your touch guided by your intuition. Your knowledge is based on Eastern and Western science. You bring balance to mind, body and soul.”

It was so true but how did she know after one session? I did not disclose the yearlong journeys, the pain that got me into healing, the travels and parental lineage of healers, yet, it is who I am and she felt it.

I am here to heal hearts, to support you in your journey through pain, may it be physical or emotional. I have been there, I know. Then I added the degrees to make it legit, not ever stopping to find new teachings to add to my tool box.

I am told that I am the bridge person; being able to aleve the “down to earth” physical pain as well as holding space and releasing emotional trauma. It is a gift which I am honored as well as careful to hold sacred.