Update: Janet Shelton, LMT is joining the practice starting April 1st! Click here to find out more about her!  


Hello and welcome!  Down to Earth Therapeutic Massage is a massage practice located in downtown Corvallis, Oregon.  My name is Keri Patrick Sells.  I am a registered nurse, licensed massage therapist and the founder of Down to Earth Therapeutic Massage.  It is my goal to provide a space in your hectic world for peace, relaxation and a renewal of energy and spirit.  In this fast paced world, it is so important to take time to slow down and allow your mind to become grounded again.  It is equally important to provide your nervous system with the much needed opportunity to relax and reset.  This is what Down to Earth Massage is all about – providing relief from not only physical tension, but mental and emotional tension as well… to help you live the life you want in the fullest way possible!

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